Contact-Free, Take-Away Menu for Restaurant websites

On-Line Menu Features:

Food Delivery, Take-Away and Table Reservation website design

  • Put your Restaurant's Take-Away menu on-line and let your customers order directly from your menu. You can either deliver or allow pick-up only.
  • Offer single meals, meals with variations
  • Allow customers to pick additional toppings (like hamburger toppings or build their "own pizza")
  • Receive online payments or manually approve the orders
  • Icons to describe food characteristics, like Spicy, Vegetarian, Contains Nuts and so on.

Manage on-line Deals!

  • Offer automated discounts through a smart system based on different types of deals.
  • Deals can be available on any week days or disabled for certain days.

On-Line Orders

  • Create and publish interactive menus with Sections and Products
  • Allows users to add multiple items into a cart to be bought
  • Secure check out through PayPal
  • Process any major credit card through PayPal


  • Let the users and/or admin receive an email with the confirmation # along with of the order confirmation

User Registration

  • Allow users to register into your site and remember their associated custom fields and orders

Quick Reservations

  • Collect reservations online
  • Allow the customers to reserve a table in 30 seconds through the Quick Reservations module.

Manage your Restaurant Rooms

  • Receive online tables bookings
  • Create all the rooms on your restaurant to host tables for customers.
  • Rooms can be closed for certain hours or days, so that you can receive online reservations for certain rooms only in some specified periods of the year (like "Garden" area available only in Spring).
  • Limit your orders to avoid overbookings

Closing Days

  • Define your closing days with a lot of options (every Monday, on Christmas, the second week of July, the whole month of August etc...)